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About This Game:

In this little retro arcade game you play as 3 monkeys, racing a banana boat against no one.
Try to avoid passing boats and rafts and catch bananas to increase health.
Try not to let the life-counter decrease to zero, or the monkeys will die a gruesome death!

Arrow-keys for movement, ESC for in-game menu (this is a keyboard-only game)

arj0n: Author
Adeel: Tester
Tabata: Tester

More information

Published 329 days ago
Release date 334 days ago
Tags8-bit, adventuregamestudio, ags, apes, Arcade, banana, bananaboat, monkey, monkeys
Average sessionA few seconds

Install instructions

Banana Racer

How to:

    1. Extract zip
    2. Run winsetup.exe to run the game setup
    3. Run BananaRacer.exe to start the game

Game Setup

1. General Options :

    • Run game Windowed or Full-screen
    • Graphic Driver: DirectDraw 5 or Direct3D 9
    • Multiple Graphics Filters
    • Languages: English only

2. Sound Options:

    • Digital Sound Devices
    • MIDI Music Devices

3. Graphic Options:

    • Side Borders [y/n]
    • Top & Bottom Borders [y/n]
    • Smooth Scaled Sprites (for fast CPUs) [y/n]
    • Downgrade 32-bit Graphics to 16-bit [y/n]
    • Use 85 Hz Display (for CRT Monitors) [y/n]
    • Set Maximum Amount of Memory for Sprite Cache [10MB/20MB/50MB/100mb]


BananaRacer v1.5.zip (1 MB)

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